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Kasur Travelers Guide – What you need to know for your next visit?

The city of Kasur dates back to the 16th century. Kasur is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan with a strong cultural heritage. This includes exquisite food, Bulley Shah – Sufi poet, melodious singer Noor Jehan and its local leather industry. Since its development, travelers stop and visit the city as it has so much to offer.

Globally, it is known for its dried fenugreek leaves which take its name after this city, known as Kasuri Methi.

Travelers Guide for Kasur Eateries

The finger-licking fried fish attracts tourists from all over Pakistan. The fried fish, also known as Masala fish, is prepared by marinating it with a rich blend of spices. It is then fried on a wide pan, which has also given it the “Tawa Fish” name. This scrumptious food perfectly caters to the tastes of travelers who are in search of authentic local food.

Tawa Fish Kasur
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Kasuri Falooda
Kasuri Falooda

And what’s a food without a dessert. Most of the tourists go for Kasuri Falooda. This is a mix of vermicelli mixed in condensed milk accompanied with crushed ice and sugar syrup. Everyone can adjust the sweetness and temperature according to them. Falooda is now available in different flavors and different combinations, sometimes even topped with ice cream too. This delicacy is a must have for the travelers of Kasur.

Another famous delicacy are the Andarasay. These are even packed and taken as souvenir, along with Kasuri Methi. Nothing can beat the texture and warmth of a fresh fried Andarasa. The streets of Kasur having fish and sweet shops are fully packed, especially on weekends. The fish shops even remain open for even most of the summer season although it is a food of winters for Pakistanis. So for the people who love to travel and to try exquisite and flavorful food, Kasur can be your next stop.

Andrasay Kasur
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Travelers Guide for Kasur Shrines

The Shrine of Baba Bulley Shah Kasur
The Shrine of Baba Bulley Shah

Being a historical city, Kasur has many myths to explore. A traveler cannot be bored here as there are many places to visit. One of them is the shrine of Baba Kamaal Chishti. The shrine is on a small hilltop. It sounds strange for a city in plains but it’s a beautiful architectural piece. Thanks to the renovations, people come from distant places to visit this shrine. There’s a myth about this shrine being at the hilltop which states that there was once an earthquake when the land tilted but the shrine remains unaffected. The authenticity of this myth cannot be proved but it gives an air of mystery and reverence to the shrine. Kasur is also the land of the famous Punjabi Sufi poet Baba Bulhey Shah who is known for his spiritual and divine poetry.

Noor Jehan and Kasur

Late Madam Noor Jehan, the renowned singer known as the “Queen of Melodies” also belonged to Kasur. Her evergreen song “Mera Sohna Shehr Kasur ni, Endhi dhooma dur dur ni” (My beautiful city Kasur, which is praised far and wide) speaks of her love for the land where she was born. Her tear-jerking songs dedicated to the Pakistan army and her patriotism-laced songs have kept her alive in the heart of every Pakistani citizen.

Noor Jehan
Noor Jehan

Kasur is a hub for travelers coming from Sialkot and Karachi due to its ever-advancing leather industry. The leather industry of Kasur is thriving at a fast pace. Here goat, cow, and buffalo hides are processed from raw to finished leather. Also, leather products are manufactured here. The leather industry of Kasur masters in manufacturing the simplest to the most complex finished leather articles which are used in upholstery, motorbike racing apparel, and high-end winter wear. Along with local consumption, the processed leather is also exported. The exporters from Karachi and Sialkot also prefer the processed leather from Kasur.

Although, it is relatively a small city however it has many things to offer to travelers. From exquisite food to recreational spots and fine leather products at economical rates. There is a botanical garden and amusement park located in Kasur as well. All these things make Kasur a must-stop for travelers on their next road trip to explore the amazing things it offers mentioned in this Kasur Travelers Guide.