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Plated Leather Indicator

Specifications: 1. Thickness: 1.1mm 2. Type: Cow & Buffalo Crust Leather 3. Not Glossy 4. Soft to touch Can be used to make: 1. Armors 2. Boots 3. Shoes 4. Bags And other high end leather products. Plated Indicator Leather has been pressed under heat and heavy pressure to improve appearance and give polished surface. The visible grain texture is added by embossing. Under heat and pressure, different patterns and prints are embossed into it to make it more alluring. Embossing adds the depth to the look and design. This product is made up of full grain leather which makes it unbeatable in quality. Since it is crust leather so it has a matte appearance giving a sophisticated and elegant look to end products. What makes it different? This leather can be dyed in any color of your choice to enhance the beauty and depth of the products.

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