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Demanded Brown Two Tone Leather

Specifications: 1. Two-tone 2. Pigmented Finish 3. Thickness 1.4mm to 1.6mm 4. Color: Brown 5. Type: Cow Can be used for: 1. Shoes 2. Handbags 3. Backpacks 4. Laptop Bags 5. Garments And other high-end leather products. Two-tone leather has a contrasting finish. This is a style feature that is used to create visual interest while using the same type of leather. Leather is known for its durability. Usually, two tones are created by incorporating another fabric but using two different colors on the same piece of leather allows us to create the visual effects without compromising the durability of leather with another fabric. Demanded Brown Two Tone Leather is distinctly different from plain leathers and adds the element of luxury while enhancing the outlook of leather. It has a pigmented finish which can be used with different colors due to its versatile color. We at Akram Tannery utilize the years of experience of our design team and the expertise of our technical team to craft two-tone leather of the finest quality.

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