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Red Aniline Leather

Specifications: 1. Natural Grain 2. Top Grain Leather 3. Thickness 0.1mm 4. Color: Red 5. Type: Cow Can be used for: 1. Shoes 2. Garments 3. Backpacks 4. Laptop Bags 5. Handbags And other high-end leather products. Our Red Aniline Leather preserves the top grain of the leather hide. It is highly refined leather and is the best leather any tannery has to offer. Likewise, we at Akram Tannery stay loyal to our goal of providing the finest quality there is. Red Aniline Leather is very natural to touch and to view. The natural grain on the skin can be viewed from the naked eye. It is best suited for valuable leather goods due to its high quality. We at Akram Tannery use the best quality of hides to manufacture Aniline Leather. Our process is innovative which makes our end product look natural and luxurious.

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