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Patent Demanded

Specifications: 1. Glossy Surface 2. Smooth Surface 3. Flexible Can be used to make: 1. Dance/Uniform/Formal Shoes 2. Professional Wrestling Boots 3. Thigh High Boots 4. Jackets 5. Dresses 6. Hand Bags 7. Wallets 8. Coat Trench 9. Belts And other high end fashion products. This product is called Patent Demanded Leather. It’s most significant character is the glass like finish that catches and reflects the light to attain this glossy effect. Another significant quality of patent leather is that it is virtually waterproof. It can be dyed in any color like most other leather types. It is called demand leather because due to its super smooth and glossy surface this leather is an ideal and most coveted choice for fashion accessories. Patent leather is slightly flexible. This leather is dust resistant, it can easily be cleaned with a wet sponge. CARE INSTRUCTIONS Patent leather of lighter shades is prone to color drift. Its products can lose their glossy effect by wear and tear therefore it is better to keep its product in a dust bag. WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT? This leather is characterized by glass like shine and smooth surface. It is hard and also somewhat elastic to avoid leather cracking when in use.

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