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Upholstery Leather

Specifications: 1. Type: Finished 2. Smooth Surface 3. Flexible Can be used to make: 1. Car seat covers 2. Furniture covers 3. Tooling and crafting purposes 4. Wallets 5. Wall hangings 6. Aircraft and boat furniture 7. Book covers 8. Car accessories And other high-end furniture products. Upholstery Leather is a Grade A premium quality leather. Its most significant character is that it’s soft, supple, and lightweight. It is specially finished to be used in upscale upholstery. It can be dyed in any color like most other leather types. The finish of this leather is smooth with a light sheen. It’s a little heavier than the garment leather because of its thickness in order to assure durability. This leather is finished with water-proof pigmentation to save it from any damage which might incur due to its frequent use. Upholstery leather is the most coveted choice for upholstery in luxury cars and high-end furniture.

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