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Galileo Tabback Leather

Material: Cow Color: Tabback Thickness: 13-15 mm Type: Crazy Horse Can be used to make: 1. Shoes 2. Wallets 3. Bags 4. Saddles Galileo Tabback Leather is a vegetable tanned, full grain leather crafted according to the traditional leather processing system. Its is a pull up leather thus gives a two toned shade. Pull up leather is another staple of a tanners art, which is crafted by dyeing aniline in drum to create deep vibrant colors. When leather is stretched or pulled, color migrates and become lighter in pulled areas. Another beautifying quality of this product is that rather than wear out, crazy horse leather develops a patina and gets more elegant with time. This leather is made from an entire cowhide. What makes it different? Galileo Tabback Leather is a pull up aniline leather which gives a unique two toned effect. Two toned shade along with patina makes it a classic products.

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