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Smart Tropical

Specifications: 1. Soft to touch 2. Thickness: 1.2 mm to 1.4 mm 3. Color: Tropical 4. Type: Cow Can be used for: 1. Shoe Upper 2. Garments 3. Backpacks 4. Laptop Bags 5. Handbags 6. Leather Garments And other high-end leather products. Smart Tropical Leather is one of a kind leather due to its unique color and appearance. We specialize in crafting such premium pieces of leather with our manufacturing techniques which speak volumes of the craftsmanship of our dedicated team. The texture given to this leather gives the outlook a form of character which makes it interesting to look while enhancing its appeal. The depth of the design and the cool color make a trendy combination. We, at Akram Tannery, take pride in crafting such finest quality leather since 1990.

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