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Shrink Leather

Specifications: 1. Shrink Leather 2. Thickness 1.4mm to 1.6mm 3. Color: Brown 4. Type: Buffalo Can be used for: 1. Backpack 2. Handbags 3. Shoes 4. Wallets 5. Garments 6. Shoe Upper 7. Laptop Bags And other high-end leather products. To achieve the shrink finish the leather hide goes under a combination of tanning and finishing process. The process reduces the size of the original hide by almost 20% creating a higher value on every inch of the leather. We at Akram Tannery, keenly execute the intricate processes involved in manufacturing this luxurious piece of leather from the initial processing to the final finishing. The leather hide is shrunken to enlarge and enhance the grain character. The distinct and sporadic texture possesses a durable yet soft touch, creating a truly unique product. A rougher look or a dynamic overall feel can be achieved depending on the client’s requirements. The shrinking process pulls the grain closer together, resulting in a much more deep and visible grain.

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