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Black Hummock Leather

Specifications: 1. Top Grain Leather 2. Strong and Durable 3. Thickness: 1.4mm to 1.6mm 4. Color: Black 5. Type: Cow Can be used for: 1. Shoes 2. Garments 3. Backpacks 4. Laptop Bags 5. Handbags 6. Belts 7. Briefcase And other high-end leather products. Hummock Leather is used for cushioning shoes and other safety equipment. The durability and support provided by Hummock Leather make it a vital raw material for many leather products. Our Black Hummock Leather is manufactured keeping in view the characteristics of resilient leather to withstand oil, dirt, and other similar agents. We, at Akram Tannery, utilize the resilience and toughness of the top-grain layer of the hide to manufacture Black Hummock Leather.

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