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Blue Nubuck Leather

Specifications: 1. Top Grain Leather 2. Thickness 1.4 mm to 1.6 mm 3. Strong and Durable Can be used for: 1. Backpacks 2. Laptop Bags 3. Shoes 4. Wallets 5. Belts 6. Travel Bag 7. Briefcase 8. Furniture and Upholstery And other leather accessories. Blue Nubuck Leather is unique in its appearance. It is the same in feel as in suede leather but stands out due to its durability. We, at Akram Tannery, utilize the resilience and toughness of the top-grain layer of the hide to manufacture Blue Nubuck Leather. It has a velvety outlook that can be dyed to any color according to your requirement.

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