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Crinkle Leather Quebracho

Specifications: 1. Soft to touch 2. Shine in surface 3. Colour: Quebracho 4. Thickness: 14 mm to 16 mm 5. Type: Buffalo Can be used for: 1. Shoe Upper 2. Garments 3. Caps 4. Wallets 5. Handbags And other high-end leather products. Crinkle Leather is a glossy leather that is known for its grace and elegance. This product is soft to touch and has a hint of shine in its overall outlook. The outlook of this leather gives an impression of crinkles when it?s not actually crinkled. The rich tan shades of Crinkle Leather makes it a premium product to be used in multiple leather goods especially the fashion goods. Its popularity is growing ever since its inception due to its versatility. We at Akram Tannery embed industry best practices while manufacturing Crinkle Leather to attain the best results. The touch and feel speak volumes of the craftsmanship that is utilized to produce this item.

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