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Burnish Pull Up Aqua

Specifications: 1. Pull Up Leather 2. Thickness 1.6mm to 1.8mm 3. Color: Aqua 4. Type: Buffalo Can be used for: 1. Backpack 2. Handbags 3. Shoes 4. Wallets 5. Garments 6. Shoe Upper 7. Laptop Bags And other high-end leather products. Burnish Pull Up leather is aniline dyed in drums to give it deep and vibrant colors. A combination of waxes and oils is used to give it a soft feel in the finishing process. After coloring, the leather is pulled making the color migrate from the sections where the pull is concentrated. This makes the pulled areas lighter from the overall piece, hence the name, pull-up leather. One of the high-quality traits is the depth of finish on the material. Stretching against the grain causes these color variations to be drastic. We at Akram Tannery use top-of-the-line machinery, a team of design experts, and industry best practices to achieve the premium quality of pull-up leather.

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